Promotion of Agri-business of Farmers and Entrepreneurs

On the basis of the lessons learnt from SEERC project, an extension phase has been designed where endeavour has been given to address the issues so that the beneficiaries that are on the half way of graduation can complete their journey with the fulfilment of knowledge.
Perspective of New phase titled “Promotion of Agri-business of Farmers and Entrepreneurs in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh with special focus on Women and Youth.”

Goal and Objective

The overall goal of the project is to improve the livelihoods of poorer sections of the local communities in the Chittagong Hill Tracts with special focus on the promotion of women and youth as agribusiness entrepreneurs. More specifically, the objectives of the project are:
1. To promote profitable and sustainable agricultural production and marketing through setting up producers’ groups with members from poor farm households.
2. To promote entrepreneurship in agriculture/livestock/crafts related markets and corresponding input and output sub-sectors with special focus on women and youth as entrepreneurs.
In order to achieve the objectives, the project aims to:
  • Strengthen human resources and institutional structures to improve production: Assists Producers to establish Organisations at village level to support agricultural production and marketing by small and marginalized farmers. Promotes Contract Farming as poor farmers often lack the resources and risk taking capacity to produce bulk amounts of agricultural commodities due to high input costs and limited access to finance while this approach can enable farmers to increase their production. Sets up Local Economic Development (LED) initiatives to advocate value chains. Facilitate and develop linkages for small producers with financial institutions, local markets, institutional buyers, and government departments.
  • Promotion of agri- and crafts businesses through strengthened entrepreneurship: Identify business opportunities in the field of processing of agricultural produce and in production/marketing of crafts, in particular handlooms. Expose youth and women to business opportunities. Capacitate potential entrepreneurs in technical fields as well as in business management. Facilitate access to finance for start-ups by young/female entrepreneurs by linking them with reputed MFI.
  • Promotion of extension, agricultural technology and inputs (input market): Provide quality seeds, fertilizer, irrigation, etc. to the producers for increased production. Input supply is to be strengthened by involving youth and women as “supply agents”. Provide training to the farmers on quality production, grading, preservation/storage, on-farm processing, etc. Private sector actors and government officials shall be involved as trainers, while training is to be organised by the producers’ organizations and service providers. Provide field extension services through private local service providers, whereby youth and women can take up specific roles as service providers.
  • Promotion of agricultural marketing (output market): Promote Market Extension and creates access for the farmers into the market. Enhances the capacity of the farmers in proper storage and provides support for the preservation facilities for produce in order to improve supply throughout the year; that also includes development of infrastructure (storage room, collection centres) for producers’ organisations. Strengthen market information services to improve flow of market information to producers’ organisations and entrepreneurs.

Quick Facts

Area coverage of the extension of SEERC project: Rangamati and Bandarban District
Project Duration: 2014 - 2016
Funded by: HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation