Projects in Bangladesh

Improving food security and livelihoods


Chili Marketing(IFSL)
Improving food security and livelihoods of poor farming households through promotion of rural service provisions in Bangladesh is a joint initiative in collaboration with Concern Universal and World Fish with the aims to support 84,000 smallholder farmers in Bangladesh through improved access to appropriate technical advice, affordable inputs, business and market support.
Water is Life Phase II

Panii Jibon Phase II

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world in terms of climate change in general and water related threats in particular and will become increasingly so in the near future. As home to the second largest river system in the world, draining the waters of the Himalayas through more than 800 rivers, water is a force to be reckoned with in the country.

Recently completed projects

Quality Planting Material
Some of our long term projects have recently phased out. Have a look at the experiences we have gathered during our engagement, in particular in agroforestry and graduating extreme poor out of poverty though innovations and asset transfer.
Pro-poor Local Governance Programme


People's Participation in Local Governance
The programmes' goal is to contribute to effective pro-poor local governance in Bangladesh.
The purpose of the programme is to empower the poor, women and marginalized groups to claim their rights and to benefit from more effective service provision by the local government in Rajshahi and Sunamganj regions.
Strengthen the capacity of the disadvantaged communities

Promotion of Agri-business

Farmers ready to market their products
On the basis of the lessons learnt from SEERC project, an extension phase has been designed where endeavour has been given to address the issues so that the beneficiaries that are on the half way of graduation can complete their journey with the fulfilment of knowledge.
Strengthen emerging producers’ organizations

Producers’ Organisations project

SEPO Project Work
The pilot project aims to strengthen emerging producers’ organizations (PO) by developing their capacities as vibrant economic actors in selected commodities and as advocacy-focused organisations for empowering member producers through representing their voice.